Your Way


We’ve just finished our new video. I had the chance to test the lensbaby objective for filming. Really like the effect. If you want to see the results: the first one is the trailer (were i’ve tried to do some cutting too), the second made by a professional cutter.

Your Way Trailer

Your Way Video (Release 31.1.2013)

You see the wall, you see the light
You feel that you can’t win the fight for your life -for your life
You have needles in your veins
It seems so cold and all your friends are gone
You are alone

So close your eyes, forget the past, and leave your lifetime far behind

You are full of despair- and think life is never fair
So please, don’t care – don’t care!
You are full of despair and you will find your way

Look, what you’ve been going through
But now there’s nothing else that you can do – you can’t do
It’s time to leave your past behind
Because you’ve reached the point of no return
No one can rewind

Just close your eyes, forget the past; you’ll find your way to say goodbye


You closed your eyes, all is done
You found your way to say goodbye

You were full of despair- and saw life was never fair
You didn’t care – didn’t care!
You were full of despair and you’ve found your way

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